4 QUICK Tips On Keeping A Clean House And A Clean Dog

 Taking care of a dog can be like a full-time job and along the way, you find yourself knee-deep in toys and hair everywhere. Here are a few quick tips on how to have a clean house with a dog. Especially when juggling multiple dogs at once. 


With dogs that leave hair wherever they sit, get ahead of the cleaning and brush them frequently. Exactly how frequently will depend on their coat and breed but do some trial and error to figure out a convenient and effective brushing schedule for both of you. Brushing also keeps their hair from getting matted so avoid putting it off. Think of it as a spa day for you and your furry friend. 



If your dog’s hair is falling out a little more than you think is normal, consider asking a professional. Consult your veterinarian and discuss what supplements will help their skin and coat. That’ll give them a shine they’ve never had before. At least when your pet sheds it’ll be in style. 




Buy a robot vacuum cleaner to clean up dog hair in the house before you even spot it. These vacuums are easy to operate and often function with apps so you can turn them on anytime and anywhere. Run it while you're at work or in the gym so that you have less of a mess and stress. A great choice for those who’re too busy to vacuum that often but still need the floors cleaned regularly. 



It’s also a good idea to take them to a professional groomer so that they smell fresh and clean. Groomers will make sure that your dog’s hair isn’t matted or smelly and will even give them a cute cut. Get your pup all dolled up for a playdate, just don’t think about how dirty they’ll get after.