How To Keep Your Dog Busy While You Work From Home


Morning Walks

A great way to keep your fur baby occupied during the day is to get their energy out in the morning. Bringing out their energy early in the morning means it can only go down from there. It’ll be a great start to both of your days, especially if you’re working from home and spending a lot of time at a desk. You can think of your dog as your workout buddy. One who won’t let you skip a day so easily. If you’re not one for morning walks here are some other options 

  • Throw a ball around the backyard to get them running
  • Drive to a nearby dog park for some fun times
  • Hire a dog walker



Peanut Butter Ball 

Still have trouble keeping your dog entertained while at your desk? This rubber ball is both a dog treat and a dog toy that's extremely effective at keeping even the most energetic of breeds busy. So fill it to the brim with peanut butter or any nut butter alternatives of your choosing. Not only will it occupy them for a few hours, but it’ll clean their teeth as well. Just hand them this before zoom calls and leave the room as quietly as can never be too careful. 



A Warm Bed

While you’re hard at work at your desk, give your pet a warm place to lay that’s as far away as you need it to be. Try placing their bed in direct sunlight and just see the difference. Who wants to get up from a nice and comfy spot? You can place the bed in a whole other room, or perhaps nearer if your dog likes to watch you at all times of the day. If you can’t find any sunlight options to your liking try these:

  • Throw the bed in the dryer
  • Try tucking them into bed (be sure to take a picture!)

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