Easy Tips For Introducing Cats And Dogs



Introduce the cat to the dog while they are sleeping. Cats tend to be a little more cautious so they may be weary to new guests. While the dog is asleep, they’ll be able to give the dog a good sniff and become accustomed to their scent. Dogs, especially puppies, tend to have a lot of energy. That energy can be particularly overwhelming to cats who often sneak off into quiet corners. So the best time is the only time that most dogs sit still. Nap time. Remember, if you’re inviting strangers into your cats house, it’s best to be take precautions. An alternative would be to keep the dog on a leash and make them sit down while bringing the cat over.



Upon adopting your first animal, if you intend to expand your family some more, consider socializing your pet straight away. If possible don’t have your cat of dog spend 3 years only adjusted to your family and certain family members. Now, you don’t have to throw your pet a ball. Try encouraging your friends and family to bring their pet over when they visit. It’s great to start when they're young, however, it’s never too late to start. 



If you’re in a situation where introductions must be handled carefully. Separating the two animals with limited daily contact may be your best option. Some use dog gates, others simply keep them in separate rooms with a designated meeting time. The most important part is monitoring their reactions to each other. Are they curious? Are they aggressive? Are they fearful? Don’t leave them alone together until they are comfortable enough without violence and crying/shaking out of fear. It may seem like a lot but patience is key. Rushing into things could have consequences. Having siblings isn't all fun and games.

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