Keep A Happy House Cat With 3 Quick Tips

Everyone wonders whether or not they’re taking the best care of their pet. Do you actually feed not feed them enough or are they just guilting you into more snacks? Keeping an indoor house cat happy is an easy task as long as you remember a few key tips.


High Cat Towers.  

First and foremost, cats feel comfortable resting in high places which means that tall cat towers and such are a must. Especially if you find that your cat doesn’t enjoy resting in their bed very much. It might be because they’d prefer to nap somewhere higher up with a better view of their surroundings. Place a cat tower in a room and it's bound to be their hang-out spot. How else would they look down on you?


A Seat By The Window.

Give your cat a place where they can peacefully observe the outside world. Whether it’s an empty window seal or the couch, a nice view is a great idea for any cat. More options for entertainment means less of a chance of your cat getting into trouble. If you really want to give them a show, let them see the front door and how many Amazon packages the mailman drops off a day. It’s not like you have to worry about them judging you..unless they already do.



Last, but definitely not least, show your cat some affection. Not all cats enjoy attention the same way, but find the activities that your cat enjoys. Whether that’s playing with toys, cuddling, or even giving your cat a massageThere are many cats who will approach others but don’t take being approached too kindly. In the end, whatever attention your cat shows you, take it gratefully because whose house is it really.

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